About Us

Te Stela Resort started the journey in early 2009 with an ambitious and very important promise. To give our contribution to the development and promotion of tourism in Albania.

After more than a decade, now it is time to make a short review. Beyond modesty, we have managed to make “Te Stela Resort” a popular and beloved structure not only in Albania and the region, but all over the world. We have managed to create a real resort by providing services of the highest standards including the hotel, restaurant, bar, Spa, Sport Center, events, conferences, summer pool, etc.

Our hotel has become a very important location for the accommodation of foreigners. We are happy to say that the brand “Te Stela Resort” is internationally known as a tourist destination and an important gateway to Balkan tourism.

We are proud of everything we have achieved and will continue to grow with the same dedication!

Our values

Perfect service

European standards

Ideal conditions

Perfect management

We welcome you with love